Curtain Guide

We compliment your ideas

We Compliment your ideas.

We are at Gartex Living driven by creating new collections, which compliment your ideas.

To be able to fulfil your ideas is the greatest achievement we know.

At Gartex we offer you various woven textiles in all shades of colors, compositions and structures.

Whether you prefer the light and simple look, the exclusive lounge atmosphere, the romantic or the masculine touch, Gartex has the solution just right for you.

Gartex offers you the perfect solution for regulation of both light and temperature throughout the day.

For a relaxing and light atmosphere choose the light sheer curtain. Choose the heavier curtain to block out the sun and to ensure a better acoustic in the room. Combine the two for an exclusive and wonderful atmosphere or use them separately depending on your vision and ideas.

Our curtains come in countless solutions – we match your needs and complete the atmosphere you wish for your home.

Wave Heading

Aesthetical beautiful solution with wave curtain tape for uniform wavy folds.

Suitable for large window sections or for a more exclusive hotel atmosphere.


The raw and easy solution with metal eyelets.

Place the curtain directly on the curtain poles and deep folds will appear.

Pencil Pleat Heading

The classic. This solution is perfect for an unpretentious atmosphere in your home.

The curtain drapes naturally when headed with Pencil Pleat curtain tape.

The Pencil Pleat curtain tape comes in two widths.

Pinch Pleat Heading

Pinch Pleat heading is a traditional solution with fixed folds.

The deep and fixed folds insure a lasting look.

Classic Roman Shade curtains

The Roman Shade curtains is a classic solution used for both sun limiting and sun blocking.

  Let it compliment the textiles of the room and it completes the cozy atmosphere in your home.