The kitchen is a highly functional room of our home and the center of our basic need - food. Many rituals, traditions and memories are attached to the kitchen as it is a natural spot for family encounters.

We spend countless of hours in the kitchen preparing everyday meals and as we explore new ideas and spend time cooking together, it becomes a place where creativity unfolds and relations grow.
We gather with family and friends to prepare extraordinary meals, we try new recipes and our children join us to explore the creative kitchen space. 

As gathering point for our family and endless of social activities - the kitchen is unique.
It is a room of activity where life is lived and shared, and the interior and materials we choose  should be able to endure this. 

The use of textile elements in the kitchen is mainly functional, but they also soften the expression of the graphical and smooth surfaces. Well designed kitchen textiles have the ability to both compliment your interior as well as last for use over time.

At COMPLIMENTS we take this seriously. Our kitchen textiles are made of the finest natural qualities to last for the frequent kitchen work. We want to offer you beautiful designs that will be among your favourite accessories for years.

Our kitchen range include the most essential elements:

  • Tea towels made of cotton/linen for perfect absorbing and hight durability. The tea towels come in many different designs to match your style and interior.
  • Cloths made of cotton in a range of colours. Our cloths are multifunctional and can be used for any purpose where you need a high quality cotton cloth.
  • Elements for dining. We offer a large selection of textiles for dining. Get inspired here.

Explore our full collection of kitchen textiles.