Napkins have the ability to take your dining to a higher level and to enhance the expression you like. Use the cotton napkins as an exclusive and eco-friendly alternative to paper.


Napkins for evocative dining

Napkins is an essential element of your table setting and can be used for several things. When you set a table with cotton napkins they will have a distinctive effect that you can use to compliment your cutlery, decoration and table cloth. You can choose to match the napkins with your table cloth by picking the same design, or you can set the table with napkins in contrasting colour for a more bold and playful look.

Cotton napkins have a variety of applications. They can be used as classic napkins for dinner, as a dividing layer between plates or they can be folded as a pocket for cutlery.
The beautiful napkins can also be used for rolls in your bread basket or as a quality cloth to hold bred for cutting.

How to style your table with napkins

You can style your table to a variety of expressions with your cotton napkins.
For instance you can fold the newly ironed napkin nicely for a classic look. - Or place it loosely and lightly creased over the plate for a more dreamy style.
If you want to emphasise a specific occasion you can fold a figur of your napkin - perhaps a beautiful Christmas tree for your Christmas dinner.

At COMPLIMENTS we have a large variety of napkins in different colours and designs. All our napkins are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and made of 100% cotton. Our napkins are made to match our table cloths so you will always be able to create a beautiful and classic table setting that matches your style