About us

Compliments, a brand name we chose for a specific reason.

The word "Compliments" simply means "polite expression of praise or admiration". No matter the occasion, when compliments are given, they always have a positive effect. Compliments should be heartfelt and straight - forward to give and receive. This is something that we always bear in mind when creating our Compliments Collections.

Compliments is textile interior for the entire home. With strong Nordic design traditions we develop two annual collections. Always being at the forefront of trends, we make it possible for everyone to mix and match within all of our product categories and create a unique and personalized universe.



We believe in quality and long-lasting co-operations.

We work with a few and carefully selected manufactures. In close co-operation with our suppliers and partners we constantly focus on optimizing materials and procedures for a more sustainable future. Producing mainly in Europe means a high level of flexibility, high quality standards throughout the entire process and limited transportation of our goods.  

A majority of our products are Oeko-Tex certificated because we care for the environment.