Bed Covers

A beautiful bed cover will contribute to a nice atmosphere in your bedroom. Find your personal style and get the perfect sensation of peace and renewed energy.

Bed covers from COMPLIMENTS are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.


Feel the hotel mood with a bed cover

A high quality bed cover has the ability to elevate the atmosphere of your bedroom. The bed cover creates a sense of coherence and tranquility, which makes the room a nice place to stay and a place you want to go for relaxing and recharging.

When your bed is made with a bed cover, you will simply have a more luxurious experience when you go to bed.

The feeling of slipping under a soft bed cover in a beautifully made bed feels like staying at a hotel - it is a sense of self-indulgence that you can easily get addicted to.

How to use your bed cover

If you need to find rest in your bedroom during the day, a soft bed cover covering your duvets will create a layer that allows you to relax without feeling you have gone to bed. The bed will be transformed into a nice lounging area, where you can unwind with a book or tv. This way a bed cover will provide your bed with an extra function, so it is not only a place to sleep but also a spot for rest and recharging - alone or together with others.

Create your personal style in your bedroom by styling your bed with a bed cover. Start by choosing your type of bed cover. Du you love a stone washed bed cover or is your mind set on a classic jacquard cover?
Then you can choose to go for a classic tight way to make your bed - if you want a clean and smooth look - or you can make your bed more loosely and natural for a lighter expression.
No matter how you like to use your bed cover, it will calm the atmosphere and bring energy to your bedroom.

Bed covers from COMPLIMENTS are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.