Tea Towels

High quality tea towels are useful tools in your kitchen. They should match your interior beautifully and last for many activities.


The tea towel - your best friend in the kitchen

The tea towel is beyond compare one of your most important tools in your kitchen, as it is used for a variety of activities. We use the tea towel to dry off kitchen equipment after washing or to dry our hands, but the tea towel has many other applications.
A tea towel is ideal for covering bread and cakes for rising or keeping your food warm.
The tea towel is always at hand in your kitchen and can be used at a pinch to take out hot pots from the oven or wipe off spilling.

A high quality tea towel is made of natural quality to easily absorb liquid and dry quickly.
It is also important that your tea towel comes in a nice and convenient size, to make it easy for handling.

Choose tea towels to match your style

Use the beautiful tea towels as a soft and warm contrast to the graphical lines of your kitchen. Choose tea towels that will match your style and use for instance striped tea towels or chequered tea towels for a vivid look. Select colours that will blend in with your interior for a classic and elegant look, or go with contrasting colours for a more bold expression.

At COMPLIMENTS we produce high quality tea towels, and you will - among others - find tea towels of a cotton/linen blend.

Tea towels made of linen have an especially high ability to absorb liquid and they also have a natural capability to resist bacterial growth.