The bedroom is your space to rest and be your most comfortable. It is a place of peace and calm and where you find the energy to be you.

As your most essential spot to rest and recharge, your bedroom needs to be a zone that fills you with energy and comfort. - A place where you can let go of needs and demands and focus on your own well-being. Since you spend many hours of the day in your bedroom, it is important that it gives you a grounded sense of belonging.
The feeling of finally tucking yourself into bed after a long day - relaxing in soft surroundings with a favourite book, or having a slow morning in bed sharing coffee with your loved one.

As a personal room for resting, your bedroom should make you feel completely calm and secure, and the textile interior you choose can enhance this feeling.

At COMPLIMENTS we strive to create the elements for you to feel fully relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom. We want to contribute to a calm atmosphere of cosiness that will leave you energised and ready for your next adventures.
We do this by designing bedroom textiles that easily blend in with your interior, and allow you to experience what high quality textiles can do for your sense of comfort.

Our bedroom range include the most essential elements:

  • Bedroom linen in a variety of solid colours and printed designs so you can be sure to match your bedroom style.
  • Bed covers in different variants for the luxurious feel of a well made bed.
  • Headboard cushions that will keep you comfortable when reading or relaxing in bed.

All bedroom linen and bed covers are Oeko-Tex certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

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